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Social Listening

Social listening can be used to monitor your brand name, keep tabs on recent/potential customers, and to contribute to the general conversation. We need to listen to our customers to better understand what it is that they need. 

Social listening in terms of social media monitoring involves taking a look at metrics such as; brand mentions, relevant hashtags, competitor mentions, and industry trends.

Why Social Listening is Important

If you don’t use social listening, you’re missing out on a lot of valuable information about the attitudes and feedback of your customer base. 

The bottom line is you want to know what people are saying about your business. Usually, if you listen enough, your customers will end up telling you exactly what it is that they want from your business, and you’ll be there to give it to them.

Social listening can be used to monitor public perception, analyze discussions within an industry, analyze competing brands or products, and to monitor your consumer’s response to your product or service, and see how things are resonating.

Once you’ve gathered together enough data you’ll be able to find your most frequently asked questions, customers’ most common issues, and see whether or not the general consensus about your brand or product is positive or not.

Utilizing every opportunity to engage with your customers will help build a better relationship and to ensure every interaction is a positive one.

By Robert H.

Robert is a writer and blogger from Denver, CO.

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