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5 Reasons Responsive Design is Important

We all operate in what is called a “multi-screen landscape”, viewing content on our computers, tablets, and phones. Due to this, we need responsive design to be able to create websites that adapt accordingly to the device being used. 

With responsive design, we can create products that are flexible, user-friendly, optimized, cost-effective, and well managed. I will now go on to explain each one of these benefits a bit further.


By using responsive web design, one can eliminate the need for maintaining separate sites for separate devices. This will save money because you will only need to spend your money on one design to appeal to all of your website’s visitors.


With responsive design, any changes to your site can be quickly and easily applied to the site on all device types. You won’t have to needlessly worry about making changes to two or more sites to keep everything consistent. Changes that need to be made only need to be made once.


If someone visits your mobile site but it takes too much time to load or your pictures are not properly optimized, it can make your brand and product seem unprofessional, and therefore untrustworthy. With responsive design, your website will offer your visitors a better experience and they will be more likely to have a positive overall impression of your brand and product.


Responsive design can help with search engine optimization because Google gives preference to websites that are mobile-friendly and places them higher on the search ranking. This in combination with many other SEO tactics can greatly increase traffic and legitimacy to your website.

Well managed

Responsive design allows you to make necessary changes to your website without the particular touch of a professional designer. This in turn allows for quick and easy stress-free management of your website.

Responsive design is an important step in the creation of your website and failure to incorporate it into your process will only be to your detriment. 

By Robert H.

Robert is a writer and blogger from Denver, CO.

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