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3 Tips to Improve Your LinkedIn Marketing

With over 760 Million users and 30 million businesses, LinkedIn has quickly grown into one of the largest social media platforms. 

As the user base continues to grow, new research from eMarketer’s report predicts that more than half of marketers will be using LinkedIn in 2021. 

Aside from creating fantastic content, here are a few tips to make your LinkedIn marketing strategy a great success.

Optimize your profile

The first and foremost point of focus should be making your profile as optically pleasing and easy to find as possible.

Be sure to set up your own custom URL that is short and sweet (typically your business’ name). Use targeted keywords in your headline and/or summary sections to increase search results.

LinkedIn Groups

You can join groups on LinkedIn relating to certain topics. Try joining a group (or a few) related to your business and adding to the discussion happening there. 

If people in the group like what you have to offer, they’re sure to come and look into finding out just what your business is all about. You can even create your own uniquely yours branded group and invite others to join. 

LinkedIn Groups are a great way to branch out to those who already have an interest in topics related to your business.

Don’t try to sell

The last tip for your LinkedIn marketing strategy is knowing that marketing with LinkedIn is quite different than marketing on other social media sites. 

People are not on LinkedIn to be sold to, and if you try to sell there, it will most likely annoy many of the users. Instead, you’ll want to focus primarily on building brand awareness.

Some LinkedIn-specific content ideas include; sharing career advice, inspirational stories, status updates, and motivational messages.

By Robert H.

Robert is a writer and blogger from Denver, CO.

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